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Know Your Home

by UNE 28 views


Default Avatar Jay Sherman

Definitely a different kind of film this year. There were cuts! Lots of them! And I think this may have been the undoing. The team's previous films had hang on the shoulders of the female lead, and seeing as there was only a photo of her shown, one must assume that she wasn't available and the film suffered for it. Still, it was a gutsy move to not feature ANY on screen characters, and while the story didn't have me riveted, it certainly was coherent. A juxtaposition of seemingly innocuous shots of a kitchen and narration in the style of one of the cheaper form of TV documentary kept the thing moving and there were some decent gags in it, but it did drag a bit. Hopefully next year they get their star back, or find a suitable replacement as I miss the old UNE. Also, the less said about the narrator's accent the better.

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