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by Missing Pixels 67 views


A lovely interpretation of the genre. They’re so close, yet so far away. Absolutely loved the shots of them in their two separate elevators. Really gives you a sense of their intimacy but also their physical separation. This premise leans heavily on the script, which isn’t as strong as it needed to be. Part of the issue is that the male character feels a touch overwritten at the start, interacting with the elevator operator in an overtly wordy manner that didn’t feel like a normal interaction. Another issue is, I suspect, due to the 5min restriction. It’s deceptively difficult trying to get two strangers to have a meaningful connection in the span of minutes, and unfortunately their isn’t quite enough dialogue to effectively land the love-at-first-voice tale. Perhaps if we got a more convincing sense of time passing (eg. cut to a clock revealing the hours they’ve spent talking together), their bond would’ve been more prominent. The bits of chemistry that was there, though, worked well. A testament to the leads and the moments of dialogue that shined.

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