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Alt 3:57

by zer05um 19 views


Default Avatar Jay Sherman

This team just can't let gimmicks go, huh? Once again there was some cool costume standing front and centre in an otherwise very underwhelming film. They dropped the 'steampunk' (yay!) and replaced it with 'cyberpunk' (boo!). I will say however that this year was better than any of the others I have previously suffered through but that could just be down to it's relative lack of contrivances. Sure it still had a pretty forced premise, but whether it be the lack of verbose Victorian-esque dialogue or simply just a better grounding, the film flowed better. Which is not to say it flowed well. It still was a contrived mess with bizarre decisions that removed any sense of tension in what was really the team pretending that they had really been given technological thriller (sans thrills). That this team managed to snag third place in the audience awards is a travesty as there were far superior films in this heat that did not get a look in. I can only assume they had a significant number of supporters come along who voted indiscriminately.

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