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Special K

by Riveting Hamster 95 views


Essentially an extended chase scene following some shady exchange in a car park (classic). Some of the sound was a little quiet, including dialogue and muffled punches but thankfully most of what you need to know in this film takes place before your eyes. Really liked the ineffectual attempts to slow down the pursuer. And of course the reveal... well done - you earned that awful pun. One part did almost make me suspend my disbelief... who the heck unwraps a kebab like that?

Default Avatar Tyler Wallace

Painfully hilarious on every level. Provided a well-balanced mix of dry humour and gritty action, leaving the audience wanting more when the curtains closed. The story was exceptionally captivating as viewers were made to identify with the protagonist as he faced insurmountable odds, and were left both surprised and satisfied when shown the true reason behind the events that had just unfolded before their eyes. Overall an extremely well-made, high quality film. Would definitely recommend for a get together with friends or family as the visual and emotional experience from start to finish is sure to bring everyone closer together.

It's a pity you don't have access to better sound equipment or sound editing - decent sound and mixing really helps to elevate a short with outdoor sequences and fight scenes. The story and end gag were simple, but effective - a wise choice for 48Hours. If your next entry has another onfoot chase, get your actors to REALLY sprint. It'll look far more effective.

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