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I'll Tell You How It's Gonna Be

by Muddy Brilliant 70 views


Guy rescues the girl from the baddies. The boss bad guy and henchman were a good duo - suited their roles. I liked the smash cut but then immediately showing it to be a hypothetical lessened the impact a bit (even when it is shown to have actually happened). Bad guy 2 knocking himself out by running into a tree really cracked me up, and I liked how the title was incorporated into the structure of the film. I also liked putting the victim into the boot of the car when the boot's not a separate compartment.

It's cool to see a 48 film seemingly built around the technical element. Jumping (or smashing) back and forth between different timelines is a smart way to make a dense 5min film and it did have me wondering what the lead was going to do to get out of the situation. Unfortunately, that "get out" moment didn't feel very plausible given he'd already been beaten to a pulp (albeit with very convincing makeup) and how the action felt very staged. 'Action' is an annoying genre, to be fair. I don't think I've ever seen a well-choreographed fight scene in 48hours. But at the least, the editing helped a lot to convey chaos in some scenes with quit cuts and the close-ups did a lot to mask the rest while still feeling in-your-face. The acting from the lead antagonist was very strong. The hero, not so much - he only really had one tone throughout.

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