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Full Banjo presents An Excuse for a Montage

by Full Banjo 251 views


Default Avatar Matthew Wright

A bizarrely wonderful way to end the heat. That scene during the credits paid off big time.

I really liked the way the text boxes came up with the phone- nice movements. I also really liked how you used a human dog. (We had a similar human dog creature so will be interested to see what you think of ours). The whole thing reminded me of a similar one last year that was in the finals- where they didn't reveal it was a dog until the end- but there were clues, like the colour of clothes so nice work for going for the animal touch. A lot of people are really enjoying the animal cuteness this year. What I would change: I did feel there were a lot of static shots, but they were well framed. I had to rewind the last piece of dialogue as I couldn't quite make it out- something about a rowing machine? Perhaps I would have used a match shot to work on the transition between human/dog, but what you did made sense and was easy to follow. Final comment: I really enjoyed the last shot of the dog food- if it was me I would have had the actor eat it for real, but I am glad you didn't as it would have made me feel sick.

Default Avatar videoamp1969

Pretty well done film in all, good job! I thought the production values were really tight showed some good skills and great editing. Love that the guy actually looked like the dog as they say owners often do! Stuff to think about in the future would be that the story was not that original similar ones have been done before. I think if you guys had an original idea then they way you put together your film you would be a team to watch in the future. I would also have love the guy at the end to commit to actually eating, that would have actually bought the house down! Good job!

Default Avatar RiverFelix

It's a pretty well made film but the humour of having a guy play the role of the dog didn't really work for me on this film and it's hard for me to pin point why. I think the transition from the guy to the dog would've been better just as a straight cut as the zoom thing wasn't that great. Maybe the guy playing the dog needed to be more subtle or maybe it wasn't convincing given the breed of dog featured or maybe you could've selected better gags for the montage as some of the exercises were more human than dog.

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