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The Birthday Card

by Bad George 139 views


A very well-done take on your Harold Lloyd-type film. Charlie "Chaplin" Flowers goes through a series of trials and tribulations in trying to deliver a birthday card to his mother. Some brilliant visual comedy (I'd list examples but basically every set-up is great). But was that bald guy really that bald guy who's running for mayor? if yes, 1 star - don't encourage the bastards!

I have a soft spot for the silent era comedy works of Chaplin and Keaton, when men were men and stunt doubles were unheard of. This film really nailed the look and feel of those films from the cinematography through to the stylised performances.

Default Avatar Empire magazine

This film made me laugh for all the right reasons. Phisical humour in my book beats talky shit any day. Loved this film, was the most funny of the night. Great stuff.

Default Avatar riverwell

Very funny made me laugh!. It didn't quite fit together in my opinion.

Default Avatar Ben Corcoran

Brilliant film, simple concept executed really well. Not surprised at all to see this in the finals.

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