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by SnowForge 129 views


While this DRIVE spoof is essentially one joke, it's saved by the fact that it's hilarious. Flash cars and sock puppets. The opening was spot-on with the night-time driving montage, synth music and day-glo cursive font. Lil bro was very funny too.

Default Avatar Earl Roger Ebbett

Very novel idea. Lots of funny parts, great music, mockumentary format was done well. But it just felt like a buch of funny gags that were disconnected from any central story.

Default Avatar jax1327

Very funny. Great use of the puppets. This team could go places!

Default Avatar riverwell

One of the best films of the night. The puppets where well portrayed and made everyone have a laugh. :)

Default Avatar brelance

Great use of the puppets, very funny. A must see film!

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