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Cabin in the Wool

by Slate 48 338 views


Opened with a brilliant little gag which nicely lets us know who's the comic relief. Kind old man turns out to not be so kind in a little story-within-the-story told beside a roaring fire. The young and old Charlie were well-cast, they looked just like each other! A good-looking short but it meanders and does not stick to one location.

Default Avatar Earl Roger Ebbett

I did not expect this film to be as good as it was. The story really came together in the end and the acting was great. There were a few props that didn't make sense to me, but overall it was a really fun film with lots of great little moments and I would watch it again.

Default Avatar minkapukeko

Beautifully shot, awesome acting, some brilliant character moments and a great story within a story.

Default Avatar jax1327

The one location idea was used very well. Although it started to bore me until it got a little bit more exciting then went back down. Nice work though.

Default Avatar brelance

Was very good. Way better than antisipated1

Default Avatar TheWooshie

Shot nicely, fun to watch and easy to follow point A to Point B no bull shit.

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