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by Paddle Pops 104 views


In this mockumentary style film we followed a drummer through a few days of his life, and it stood out for some great cinematography. The idea was very solid, and it was very enjoyable to watch. This film could have benefitted from some snappier editing in the start, and a few things were perhaps a little unclear but overall a great effort and a brilliant ending.

Default Avatar Bowie on a Tiger

No real surprise this won the audience favourite award, the concept was delightfully daft and some of the effort that went into getting the right shots was pleasing. The car park freak out was very impressive and the Rolling Tones magazine cover was too professionally done for the few seconds of screen time it got. The lead actor was also very believable and had good comic timing, I feel a drumming movie with poor sense of timing would suffer worse than most given the hypocrisy of it, so it is a fantastic achievement to have avoided that in both acting and editing.

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