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Chasing Tail

by Astronomollusc 146 views


Default Avatar Bowie on a Tiger

Kudos for producing an animated film in this little time, the animation itself was of a solid standard for this competition, but there was no subtlety in the script, belabouring every point was a more than a little tedious, give the audience the benefit of the doubt a bit more. It was also hard to connect the voice to the character, I'm not sure if this could be solved by fancy sound editing tricks or just making the mouths and voice line up a bit more, but I understand it wouldn't have been simple fix. The editing, I felt, was strong and the film was a brave attempt at classic film noir style.

Easily may favorite film from Mr and Mrs Jones. While the story elements of a traditional cat and mouse story were quite light, the role reversal of the animals and sexy cat animation more than made up for it. I particularly liked the Dairy Heir gag, it fit really well with the noir style. I do think that you should work with voice actors, I know doing it all yourself is fun but better voice acting would have raised this up quite a bit.

A solid noir look and a fine flip on the genre gets this across the line. For an animated film carried largely by its dialogue though, the characters could really use more facial expressions. As it stands, their eyes barely take any shape beyond wide. Do more work on the faces and it'll do wonders for you. I bloody loved this line: "...or was she a rat? It was all so confusing."

Default Avatar RiverFelix

It was a little stiff and kinda cheesy but I kinda liked the concept. It's a cat and mouse film which is about a mouse and a cat and it's sort of film noirish which is an interesting angle for a 48 hours film. I thought it was a little heavy on the narration and some of the story beats were a bit stilted but I think it mostly made sense and had decent structure.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

This animated short was a fun take on the cat and mouse genre set in a noir world complete with hard-boiled detective and femme fatale. The audio sync seemed a bit out at the start which was a little distracting but overall the animation and in particular the backgrounds, were pleasing on the eye. Nice work!

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

This is my favourite film from this team. Funny and well executed. A true game of cat and mouse but the mouse is the cat and the cat is the mouse. Funny stuff.

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