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What Kind of Day Has it Been

by Team Spielberg 94 views


Default Avatar CatFan

Very little happened in this film, which I think was the point - but because the sound quality was low, it was really difficult to stay engaged. Real-time films are super difficult though, so good on you for giving it your best shot.

The bad audio was quite distracting, but some interesting shots (mostly of the guy calling into the interview) helped out a bit. I don't know what he was trying to achieve with his phone call though, I get that the interviewee was a bit on the blonde side but the caller didn't stop her from saying anything silly, the assistant who was on the phone was capable of sorting that situation himself (which he did anyway). Because of this pointlessness, it was hard to engage with what was happening. I do appreciate the political message of this film, but it could have been handled better.

I really like the idea, especially in the context of real-time, but like the other reviews have stated, the audio really sinks this one. From what I could pick up though, the lead gave a sturdy performance as the interviewee. I also thought the reason for the rush was pretty damn funny.

Default Avatar videoamp1969

Yeah found the audio a bit hit and miss. I liked the colour grading and the letterboxing to give you film a more cinematic look. To be honest I found the narrative not very engaging although the housing crisis is very topical at the moment I don't think it makes for a riveting storyline. The actress was solid but found the back and forth between the phone calls lacked natural dialogue and what was happening for me didn't relate to what would actually happen in the real world and at the end there was no real payoff. But yes real time can be a tricky genre so well done for keeping to it.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

The Housing Crisis - topical but not particularly popular or engaging as a short film subject. I'd hoped it was going to be a bit of a clever ruse in this film, distracting us from something more important or evil or funny or soul-destroying but sadly it didn't eventuate. The acting from the lead was convincing and as others have mentioned this film looked pretty good. I think with real-time you have to make sure that you keep everything going - visually and audibly for the audience. So, we should have been able to hear the assistant in the background on the phone when we were with the interview - in particular when he was in the same room towards the end and obviously miming his conversation.

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