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Tomcat Down

by Just 2 Guys 400 views


Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

Two F-14 tomcats are out on patrol when one gets shot down and the other has to deal with it. A one man team, shot in front of a green screen. It was like Hot Shots with the production values of an early MITCIT green screen movie, with a touch of white tiger thrown in for good measure. I thought it was hilarious and a classic 48 hours movie, including the credits. This got my third vote of the night Keep your 'eyes peeled' for this one in the screening room.

A serious contender for Best Bad Film, and I mean that as a compliment. I LOVED this movie. It's so brazen and silly, and I can tell the crew (of which I assume is just 2 guys) has as much fun as they could have in the competition. In a world where laughter equals success, I could see this making the finals. If not, I hope it still develops the cult following it deserves.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Another solo effort from Karl Burnett, who plays six different roles and gets to try out his repertoire of accents, in this over-the-top short about a F-14 fighter pilot mission gone wrong. Despite the disclaimer in the credits the green-screen work is a perfect fit for the type of film this sets out to be - low-fi and low-brow with its stable of dick & wank jokes and obvious nods to the camera. And no doubt it will find its audience as it's lots of fun!

Default Avatar Stephanie Liebert

It's Top Gun without Tom Cruise!! Strap yourselves in for this high octane blast across the skies with one of our favourite kiwi actors at the controls. He writes! He directs! He stars! He shaves and stars AGAIN as a different star! I would give this man of multiple talents 6 jetplane lollies out of a possible 7 jetplane lollies. (It would have been 7 but I ate the red one)

One of the only films in the screening room that I actually wanted to watch twice. The reflections in the visor only stuck out to me on the second viewing, and the green screening fit tonally quite well. I hope it was as fun to make as it was to watch (that's a compliment, it was a fun watch).

Default Avatar RiverFelix

Reasonably entertaining 48 hours film, all done on green/blue screen and the compositing was done pretty well so that's a plus. It's the sort of tone that you come to expect from these 1 actor films but they always entertain even if they're a bit dumb at times. Thumbs up.

Straight out the gate, this one has me charmed with its one-man-army filmmaking tactic, its Windows 95 screensaver effects, and brütal soundtrack. I got pumped to see what was going to happen next. Unfortunately, half of that was just a comedic conversation, and some of the attempts at humour were pretty obvious - "Got any bogeys?" "Just the ones up Dumdum's nose." The setup is brilliantly silly, as is having one person play multiple characters in cockpits. Given this build-up, it could have benefited if Karl Burnett OVER-acted the roles. If this short had an equally silly plot (one that constantly pushed forward), it would have helped sustained the energy this short had at the beginning.

Well done sir! A lot of effort put into this film. Many people would not have been able to pull this off singlehandedly. Would love to work someday on similar projects with somebody who has the same kind of energy and enthusiasm. Excellent stuff!

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