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The Punisher

by Douglas + Manu Productions 185 views


Top notch all round! Very funny and definitely relatable situation for a many people: the dropkick who doesn't take a hint. Mint. Absolutely mint.

Default Avatar themorgan

Well deserved winner of audience favourite. Great writing and performances, very funny. When I saw Cat & Mouse in the genre list I thought it looked like a nightmare but you did a great job.

Default Avatar Bunnrey

Simple and well acted! The real fun comes with authentic details, most likely all too real. Shiny visuals are the icing on the cake. Seemed more like a horror-parody than cat and mouse? Not that that matters.

Default Avatar 5moreminutes

Loved how this was shot it looked great on the big screen in black and white. Acting was good too. Nice job all round.

Default Avatar priscilladgh

This was definitely one of the most polished and easy to watch films of the night. However, I seemed to be one of the few who didn't enjoy it. It went on a little too long for my liking, and didn't have a real hook in terms of plot.

I loved almost everything about this film. The characters were great, the black-and-white style really added to the overall tone, and the story is a really good interpretation of the cat and mouse genre. My only thought is that I would have liked the ending to have a bit more finality to it. The main characters just kind of lose and concede to putting up with Rodney's shit, which they'd been doing the whole film anyway, so it didn't really feel like much of a conclusion. Maybe the three friends should have teamed up and tried to kill him or something? Two Cat-and-mouse stories in one movie? Great work guys!

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