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The Big Push

by Lock That Down! 222 views


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Pretty sure this was actually a "Real-Time Movie" genre, not one location as in the title. A woman is having a baby and is being driven to the hospital, with nanna, a guy that had to be dropped off at work, the husband and then mum driving. This was a really good idea and I thought it was really funny. I'd love to know how many takes they took to do this because it was predominantly shot from a dash cam angle so there were no cuts for the bulk of the story.

THE BIG PUSH is a very cool idea for a REAL TIME film. The concept of the drive to the hospital during labour is one I could definitely see myself getting into, and the rehearsed one-take really added to the mystique. While I wouldn't be shocked to see this in the city finals, I do think it falls just short of greatness. The acting and story is awesome, but the film could have used a better camera and colour grade to really push it to the next level. I also think it kind of lacked an ending, and even with the photos appearing at the end, it would have been nice to somehow hear or see the baby on screen.

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