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Tag, You're It

by Halcyon Entertainment 258 views


One of my favourites of the night. Beautifully filmed with a fun little story to boot. I'd love to see this one make the finals.

Default Avatar Reegn Mewz'k

This was really cool! Really good quality imagery and the color grade was tight. Nice camera movement and sound. One of my favorite stories!

Default Avatar Blake Rainey

Fantastic film! One of my picks from the night. Tip of the hat to your camera person, lovely shots.

Cool man, thought this was great!! The story was cool, had a nice little giggle at the end!!

Default Avatar filmchick1987

Simple, fun and beautiful cinematography.

Default Avatar Erro

Although when it first started it felt cliche to have the hooded figure following our protagonist, it really paid off when the reveal was made. That line could have flopped but the delivery was great. Also great work on the cinematography!

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