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Punkinson's Payback

by Hard to watch 152 views


Very funny. Loved the punkers. Had a very cool bad taste, brain dead vibe. Nice work and great blood effects

This looks like it would have been a lot of fun to make. The production quality was too low for it to find a place in the finals IMO, but that's also kind of what was so cool about it.

Default Avatar Omni-Slash

Simple execution and fun! The Young Ones meets Bad Taste. This film is what the 48hr is all about - simple writing, low production value and not overly ambitious. It took me back to films being produced during the inception of this competition. Although this film will never win, it is the heart of the comp.

I really liked this movie!! It was one of my picks of the night!! At the beginning I really thought to myself damn.. That is a really bad made up old lady!! Lol then the punks came and I thought wow, lol they really hit the spot for them!! The story was cool, and was one of the only story lines of the night that I got from the beginning to the end!! Really loved the music and the way you were able to go in and out with it making it sound like it was coming from upstairs .. Good job guys!

Default Avatar Erro

Probably one of the funniest films of the night. It was silly and ludicrous and didn't take itself too seriously. Although the film wasn't asteticlly great, moving or impact full, it definitely was fun.

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