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Mind Camp

by Two Big Tools 395 views


Default Avatar cooma

I'm not quite sure where to start. It was amazing. Like something from the Tim and Eric show, it kept you guessing. A cacophony of characters and ideas presented to you leaving one satisfied and yet dumbfounded. Would watch again!

Default Avatar pinkelephant

Certainly interesting, loved the jokes and the fact your film was dystopian meant you could get away with them and I didn't feel bad for laughing. Some bizzare montage, bizzare is good. I liked it. And at the end when the footage was "real" it looked tight.

Default Avatar Jay Sherman

Really underwhelmed by this film. Thought it was going to be just another mess like previous years, and if I'm honest it kinda was. However they managed to save it by taking a step back with the reveal at the end. I say save. Really I mean outline. The ending added some context to an otherwise muddled affair, which did have some moments approaching charm but in a kind of seen it before way. Once again, the this team's film was completely overshadowed by their intro.

Incredibly Strange by design, and I dig that. The Tim & Eric-ness telemarketing angle did a damn good job of communicating the dystopia while hitting some chuckle-worthy WTF-ery. It all kind of halts with the news anchor bit explaining "the supreme leader" in an abruptly straightforward fashion, but the wrap-up is on point.

Default Avatar videoamp1969

Wow thats some pretty crazy stuff, well done! Really great use of graphics and green screen to go for that fast tone of the film and loved the eighties B movie feel and colour tones. I can see why it was nominated for Incredibly Strange award. Yes the original song is quite catchy, when it came on I thought thats quite cool and then noticed you had been nominated for the song so well done. There was just so much going on it was hard to take it all in as far as the narrative went but yes it was linked with the whole mind of the supreme leader and tied up at the end. Well done for getting something so complex completed in the time frame, quite a bit of work editing wise and graphics I would say.

Default Avatar RiverFelix

It's got some good performances and all of the dystopian adverts are great and everything but I think it gets so distracted by them that the film sort of becomes this really short thing at the end.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Ambitious and creative for the most-part with its collection of dystopian ads, reports, messages and presentations there is a lot going on within 'Mind Camp'. I'm a little torn though. On the one hand I really like how you've attempted something different from the usual and it's certainly engaging. However, on the other hand I was somewhat disappointed with the ho-hum-here-we-go-again abortion, fetus etc "skits" and ultimately the Clockwork Orange ending which didn't do justice to the work you put into the rest of the film.

I really really enjoyed this. I loved the sheer effort that obviously went into it. So many films seem to make it into the finals each year that simply lack the energy and awe that deserves to be on the big screen. Keep up the great work! Love it :)

Default Avatar owl

They definitely deserved to win the most Incredibly Strange short. I love it! bizzare and weird, and quite well put together. awesome job!

Default Avatar film addiction

I think this is the film you need to watch three or four times to work out what it was actually about or trying to achieve, personally I had a thank god moment that I wasn't watching yet another lame attempt at comedy like most teams really go for, it wasn't the best but it certainly wasn't the worse. I missed the reveal the team members mention in their self reviews so hopefully I can see what they are talking about when it's up online

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