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by Laughing Jamaican Productions 267 views


There's some good production muscle flexed here, especially that makeup - top marks for that department. If there are two things a mostly-one-room short relies on, though, is writing and acting. Unfortunately, this short doesn't really smash either. Conceptually, the plot is fine, but the dialogue could have used a lot of tweaking so it went beyond 'describing the plot'. The performances are also pretty wooden, so having both those things in tandem drags the film down. But these are elements that evolve through experience, so just keep at it. You'll improve.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Quite ambitious in many respects this short through it's potentially confusing story-line and authentic looking make-up. I liked your opening battle scene and the general idea of this film but couldn't help think your cast were just a touch too young for the parts they were playing. I drifted away from the dialogue a little through the middle and I would have loved if you'd kept the shot selection a bit more intimate as the close-ups you used towards the end helped convey the torment more than some of the wider shots.

Default Avatar RiverFelix

They've got some good technical ability here but it seems like the film is a little bit let down by a number of other things. The script has the germ of a good idea, sort of Minority Report meets the Matrix The music was pretty good but I'm not entirely sure it fits the moments that it's used for. You've got this rescue scene which doesn't really have the intended impact because he's sort of reluctant to be rescued and it happens so quickly he doesn't really get the chance to build up any hope to be lost at the end.

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