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Alcoholics Anonymous

by Walsgrave 85 views


A bunch of liars try to figure out who is telling the truth. I can't find anything to complain about here, really funny and they must have worked really fast because we ended up with one of their actresses in our film reasonably early in the evening. And really good use of mystery, I've had it 3 times and didn't come anywhere near the quality of this story. Great job.

Default Avatar DuncanPacey

I could say lots for this film or I could reducd the word vomit into my key emotion. Joy. But seriously, top work and very funny. Gloriously silly acting by some of the actors (only some, though) and a fantastic idea for a film. It embodies everything that can be good about this competition. Was it a Mystery as the competition organisers describe? That's debatable. But what isn't up for debate is how much I think the entire audience enjoyed what they saw.

Default Avatar Jay Sherman

I'm a little torn on this film. It felt a bit muddy, like they weren't really sure where they were going with the story but kept moving anyway. However, whatever meandering there may have been they took a decidedly scenic route and I really enjoyed it. It was an idea I hadn't seen before and while I think there may have been one or two jokes in there that could have been cut, the rest of it great. Some nice performances that didn't devolve into caricatures (although some came close) and the ending was interesting, if a little unfulfilling for this reviewer. This team has good instincts and I can only assume they'll keep honing their stuff and next year will be even better!

Default Avatar Chris Philpott

Another of my favourite films in this heat: a really funny idea for a mystery, and executed really well - and some of the cutaways (the cup full of sugar, the piano player) were fantasticly funny.

Default Avatar film addiction

another simple but fun, it is what it is film, didn't get that it was a mystery film at all but the simpleness of it got a few laughs, Im guessing this team favors the slap stick comedy that the majority of these teams seem to run at regardless of the genre

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