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A Baaaaad Habit

by Dogs Breakfast 233 views


I wasn't sure about this film as it started, having just watched the fantastic animation from I LOVE LOOPS, I didn't think I could get into the more simplistic design of A BAAAAAD HABIT. But, the film kept me guessing and the story kept raisiing the stakes just as I thought it was nearly over, and the shock ending probably gave me the biggest laugh of the night. Great film guys!

There were some fantastic quality films in heat six last night but in my opinion this was by far the best. It was laugh out loud funny, brilliantly voiced and reeked of quality. I'm not sure but may have been another one man band? If so, even more impressive considering the absolute polish. I'm actually shocked it didn't make it into the audience's top three... everyone seemed to love it judging by the crowd's reaction. Definite contender for the finals methinks!!!

My love goes out to you Sir Warwick Rule, a one-man animation army. Despite the minimalism, the design of the sheep was great and you do a lot with eye movements (and colour) to inject character where it's needed. I do wonder if you're able to add a few more touches to the background to really boost the overall look, just some texture on the mountains or the grass and add a few clouds or something. This may not be physically possible, of course - there's only so many minutes and cans of V one is provided. Out of all the gags, the sudden sheep sheering at the end was my favourite. It's probably because it's so immediate, which made me realise that the second half of the short (after they jump the fence) could have cut quicker to the chase in order to add more urgency to the angry bull situation. The gag about Charlie being distracted by a butterfly doesn't quite work - probably because we don't actually get to see it. It was also a bit jarring to have the chilled out music still playing when the bull first charges. Nevertheless, this is a cool addition to the 48Hours animation section. (Actually, I lie - "" was my favourite gag.)

This film was amusing, but not laugh out loud funny, that might just be me not being into stoner comedies though. The simple but effective animation(the characters could almost be mascots for a brand they are that good) was cool but let down a bit by the sound quality. Really impressive that you got this done pretty much on your own Warwick but I have to admit I miss the lego movies!

Default Avatar RiverFelix

Pretty simple but effective, the animation wasn't brilliant but it's nothing worth complaining about and it doesn't hurt the film so who cares. Maybe the one thing that lets the film down a bit is the voice over performance; I know it's a sort of stoner comedy but the sort of aw yeah laid back delivery wasn't something I was really into. Maybe the pacing could've been ramped up and bit but yeah, pretty good.

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