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Behind the frontman

by Damn Thieves 109 views


The locations/set design was very believable for your genre, and there were some good moments of acting throughout. Unfortunately a lot of the jokes fell a little flat.

Default Avatar Outcasted

Not sure I've got the right film here as there seemed to be two rockumentaries in the heat , but if this is the Palmy one I thought it was hilarious. Wonderfully terrible singing, good cuts (loved the fans), and solid performances from the actors. Loved the brick phone, 80s posing at the old College of Ed site, and mumbled singing at the end.

Default Avatar Rocketman

If Palmerston North was ever to produce a boy band, my money would be on it looking like this. This film captured the whole ridiculousness of the pop industry brilliantly and the sequence at the beginning was great- especially the guy with the cellphone. Great story, but the technical side of the film needed more refinement. Overall, solid effort.

Default Avatar B.Roll

A bit of light entertainment with a few laughs. Nothing spectacular, but it looks like you all had a fun time making it.

Default Avatar Jess Hong

Oh dear lord this was hilarious! Over the top and inappropriate in all the right ways. Go team!

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