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by Betterthanmike 820 views


Default Avatar Tristanw134

Very good film, amazing energy and intriguing use of potatoes. Hope you all the best for the competition.

It was nice to see a different take on the buddy movie, and it had some really nicely shot elements to it, but for me the pacing was the most difficult thing to get past, it felt a little dragged out.

Thought this was a fun film with some really good enthusiastic performances from all the actors, looked great but i thought it could of been a little shorter.

Default Avatar Mother of Travis

Wow what a talented bunch! They sure blew it out of the water with this buckaroo! Had me loling for days. A fan favourite for sure :)

Default Avatar 12jigsaw12

What an original idea! This film stood out amongst the others in it's heat. It was funny and I loved the characters, the most important aspect for a film in my opinion. Well done girls!

Default Avatar glendathewalker

Very well thought out storyline! Must have taken you all a very long time. Absolutely amazing use of prop. Overall with the incorporation of the potatoes this film it is very original indeed. It is sure to be a feel good crowd pleaser!

Default Avatar muffintopz

I really appreciated the speed at which the credits rolled. On a deeper and more emotional level (which is a level I personally connect with *quite* well) I found the friendship building exercises really moving, in particular, the sandwich making. I personally gave it this 6 out of 7 (why 7 what even) because in my experience, six stars represent a wholesome and fulfilled approach to healthy living. Thanks for reading.

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