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Is it brilliance?

by Lights, Camera, Popcorn 316 views


I got confused here, it was a fun film with a lot of pep, some interesting set ups, a live rat and mad science but the cohesiveness of the story lost me about half way through.

Looked like you guys would of had a really great time making this movie, there were some fun set pieces and I liked the experiments which really showed the science gone mad genre. The story was a little hard to follow though in parts. Looking forward to what you guys come up with next year.

Some good consideration of composition and visual humour, and your actors clearly put a lot of effort in. Those lunges looked tiring. Considering the film was largely one big montage, i think you really could have tightened the edit, and made the pace a lot snappier. The story got a little lost somewhere, so worth focusing a little more on how you explain things to the audience for the future.

Default Avatar LensFlare

This film was a strong effort for a bunch of first timers, and it seems like you had a lot of fun making it. There are a couple of things that you could consider for your entry next year. I think that the story needed to get to the point a little quicker, I struggled to figure out what the story was actually about at the beginning. The flashback to 24 hours earlier was a good way of tying it together but it came too late. The visual comedy was good and made it a lot more fun to watch. Camera shots were fairly decent, though if you are panning on a tripod, make sure that it is smooth because the jerky motion pulls you out of the film a little. Keep up the hard work, I look forward to seeing what you guys make next year!

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