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by HaBYT 145 views


Default Avatar pete45

great film - lots of thought went into this

Default Avatar Big Taytay's

acting 7/10 (wasn't bad at all) story 8/10 (very interesting) cinematography 6/10 (was ok)

Default Avatar phil

quite good for school team- one to watch

Default Avatar jozer

maybe lacked acting but story was good

Default Avatar Green_groves

great cant wait to see which ones make the finals

Default Avatar lovelyGRL


Default Avatar Gayclouds

my pick of the lot . brill story and edited really well . amaz balls

Default Avatar battlebeast

golden girls i get it

Default Avatar irish


Default Avatar molybdenum62


Plotted, scripted, edited and acted very well. Overall a comprehensive effort and a very decent film. it makes sense and it sticks to the genre really well.

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