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by Happyboys2002 497 views


A geeky student gets the chance to dance her way in with the cool girls. This film kept my interest, wanting to see what happened at the end and rooting for the main character. The cinematography was top-notch, particularly the stage dance scene at the end. I felt the ending was a bit ambiguous (intentional?) was it a cruel prank or redemption?

A film with a familiar set up that rose above the tired plot line by a great performance from the awkward, nerd protagonist and some fine DSLR footage that featured some creative angles and generally well lit, exposed and focused shots. The storytelling at the end with the glasses was clever and while the film lacked a clear coda, leaving the plot thread with the bully dangling, the film still satisfied from go to woe. For the challenging musical/dance genre this was a really impressive effort - well done.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

In an effort to make fun of a nerdy girl, Morgan suggests they dance together at an upcoming Talent Show. I have to say that I found this somewhat tedious due to the dialogue and pacing. While there were some nice shots, many seemed to have little purpose and again just served to slow things down. The training and show montage were good but it was plainly obvious that there wasn't anyone in the audience! However, given your ending this may well be explainable. Pretty solid acting, casting and story was appropriate to your resources and as a result you've produced a good little film.

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