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by heads I win, tails you lose 433 views


Great job. This was a standout in the heat, a film I really enjoyed. I found the story to be intriguing and not predictable, the ending played out well without becoming cheesy. The actors did a good job - if a little 'showy' at times. Costumes were nice, sets were nice. Unfortunately due to a messed up list leaving me lost in terms of film order, I did not take any notes on this film so have nothing constructive to offer - keep it up!

Default Avatar XVW_BC

Yo, I heavily dug this. 'Noir' is well aware of its genre/style (the whole 'what is noir?' thing) and conventions / elements are represented in original and interesting ways here. I can't put my finger on what is stopping me from giving this a higher mark; it might be production value (superficial me, earnestly just want everything to look like someone spent a lot of money on camera stuff); it might be a slight lack of intensity or heavy mood. But this was super dope, would watch again!

Default Avatar Megan Robins

One of the stand-outs. I was worried the filmmakers were biting of more than they could chew at the start but it was executed well and didn't drown in itself. The plot felt very masculine but the women in this film pulled it off skillfully without compromising the strength of the characters. The lighting was strong and and effective. A good effort all-round.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A private investigator is given the difficult job of finding a couple's daughter. With a nice looking poster campaign, "Noir" my expectations for this short were pretty high. Unfortunately, it didn't quite do it for me. While there was some good camerawork at times, it was let down by some clunky editing and audio issues. The acting was OK but I felt in general the cast were too young for the characters they were playing and the story they were trying to tell. The stereotypical detective hat and coat seemed out of place on the lead and I couldn't help thinking you could have told the same basic story by using your cast more effectively. There are plenty of ways to do film noir.

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