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Mystic Shore

by ICW Productions 91 views


Only note I took was "I liked it" and that about sums it up I guess. The tale of a woman getting over an ex by becoming friends with a mermaid and thus becoming friends with herself. Well, that's how I remember it anyway. I'm a sucker for a BFF rom-com which this essentially was. Light, cute, funny. Editing/lighting/sound/cinematography were all lacking hence the lower score.

Default Avatar XVW_BC

Hey filmmaker people - cool job! This had some real heart, and some great humour - not a little because of unusual linguist/witchcraft/tattoo bro (he had a lot of other cool job titles that slip my mind). I 'shipped the two leads, and the overall plot felt original despite the film before you having a really similar, ‘aquatic’ story line. I guess that tech; both visual and audio held you back a little and maybe dialogue could have been more even and humorous.

Default Avatar soccer mom

A woman scorned by a douchebag ex learns the value of friendship and independence by hanging out with a mermaid. Strong visual storytelling, as the majority of the story played out in montage/visual gags. However I felt distanced from the main character because of it, and didn’t know much about her by the end of the film. Far more engaging was the wizard/detective (?) character, what was HIS story? He was the most original part of the film but only briefly contributed to the actual narrative. A little uneven in terms of tone, crossing from romantic melodrama (brilliantly executed in the opening shots) to domestically mundane to straight up absurd, likely due to the challenges involved in playing a real-world version of a fantasy story. What are the stakes in this world you’re creating? What is there for your hero to lose, if anything? It was a very funny film, but could have been more so if we knew these characters and cared about them.

This was a well presented film. The set up was quick and easy to follow. The development included some nice touches, but the ending failed to deliver for me. I loved the randomness of Morgan and would have liked more of this.

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