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Man Day

by PuppyGuts 1,962 views


Default Avatar Ian99

Is this the film that something horrible happened to, on the final render? Regardless, this film was so strong that I really enjoyed it, even though I was unable to see all the images as clearly as I would have liked. A good, simple idea taken in all kinds of fun directions. Was that an original soundtrack? If so, my congrats to whoever did such a brilliant job on it.

What a GREAT story! Not sure what was up with the low quality picture but even only being half-able to see what is going on, I enjoyed it! Good film, enjoyable, nice ending. Thank you!

Default Avatar Dan S

I won't dwell on the obvious technical problems. This was fun short with an appealing main character. However the film felt like an extended montage scene trying to advertise man chips or man dip which is funny but it didn't have much of a story. The interactions with the neighbour character didn't add much at all but at least you were trying to introduce some conflict to the story. It looked like a fun film to make and I'm sure that the full quality render will have some great production value.

Like one of the other shorts in this heat I thought the storyline was a bit predictable/unoriginal (which I know is hard given the limited time to write a script), however it was executed really really well given the limited timeframe. Yep, like the other reviewers mentioned, the picture quality was horrid. Look forward to a better render in the screening room :-)

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