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Lets Be Honest

by Wolf Pack Productions 525 views


Girl wakes up the morning after a rather red-lit party and wonders who's scanty undies are in her bedroom. Is her cheating boyfriend, Morgan, somehow to blame? Nope turns out that ... oops can't tell you that, it'll spoil it. I thought the camera work was good but the party scene was a bit long. I would have liked to have seen more of the other girl. Let me rephrase that - I thought that character had a bit more of interest but that wasn't explored, and she had more camera presence (no offence to your lead actress, you were fine). I can't remember where the ball was, which is probably a good thing as you obviously didn't shove it in the face of the audience like so many others did. All up a pretty good film.

Default Avatar CatFan

A girl wakes up and tries to remember her evening after a night of drinking. At the end, she discovers that *boom, spoiler*. A solid little film that did everything it needed to do. The ending that it had worked, but using that particularly thing as a twist is a bit of a let down these days as it's over done. Some good acting, nice job. Oh one more thing: Apostrophe in the title please! Let's. :)

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