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Ghost Bitch

by House of a Hundred Cats 443 views


Default Avatar Jody Bell

I liked this film, it made me laugh and the 'ghost bitch' actress was naturally funny in the delivery of her lines and taking on the character. There was some great editing in there and I liked the softer colors/style of the film. The song at the end - brilliant! Shock ending was unexpected, being the important line it could have been delivered/filmed a little differently and clearer but I got the idea. That is the only thing I could offer up for consideration of things to do differently next time, I really enjoyed your creation guys! Thank you

Default Avatar Megan Robins

Very cute and funny, well-deserving of first place. I like the play on the cliche shock ending genre. The lead character was very funny! The song at the end suited the tone of the film and was a great wrap up. Only criticism - too much swearing!

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