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by Circular Desert Productions 240 views


Fantastic use of blood and guts here! The neighbor was a hilarious addition too.

Default Avatar RatEater

You did well building a creepy atmosphere. Low production quality may have even added to the creepiness. Some really funny and disturbing moments. Really embraced the spatter genre here. The poor camera work and unconvincing setting lost you points, but these are all things that rely on good gear, locations and contacts. Looks like you had fun making the film!

Pros: The neighbour. Good commitment to the genre (lots of blood and body parts, half naked woman trying to escape). I liked how we never saw the killer's face. The recycled mouth close-ups were funny. Cons: The ending seemed quiet. Perhaps a scream or a hacking sound would have added a bit more drama. And a quicker pace would have made it more exciting.

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