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by Nutbar, with a taste of Nimlin 272 views


I'm a HUGE fan of Keeping Mum and this film tapped directly into this with it's churchy black comedy script. The storyline and the acting were spot on, the song was hilarious - HOW WAS I THE ONLY ONE LAUGHING? The sound and lighting quality let this film down, but didn't effect the story.

Default Avatar devlinoj

Brilliant young techno-head saves Church community from an evil casino baron. Sifts through hours of tape to find the truth. The character wearing headphones the entire film is the only one really listening. Even though the confessional format is quite played out, I honestly laughed a lot at this film. Would have liked to have seen character motivations worked into the gags in the booth. I didn't know who anyone was, so the jokes were a bit superfluous to the story. If the jokes come from character, the story will be strengthened with each laugh. There were so many characters to deal with, so clarity about who's story it is would also strengthen the film. A few technical elements, in camera sound led to a lot of noise that cut in and out, and production value could be improved through making the shot choice a bit more cinematic and meaningful, even without an expensive setup.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A group of parishioners make their confessions but is their privacy guaranteed? Sort of a slow moving short this one and I have to agree that we don't really learn enough about the characters to discover their various motivations. Visually it was adequate, even if some of the shots lingered a bit too long. Sound was a bit hit and miss too. The location was great (even if the confessional looked like a storage cupboard) and nice to see an original song in use. Plenty of enthusiasm again from these veteran teams.

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