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At it like rabbits

by Toyhead Collective 267 views


Default Avatar pinkelephant

If this doesn't get best use of line I would be gobsmacked. Absolutely hilarious. Top notch animation and a funny story line. Reminded me of 'Happy Tree Friends' if you have seen it (if not, look it up). Gruesome, hilarious and sexy. Everything you could ask for in a horror. well done team

Insane. Wonderful. Horrible. Great. Shit. A stop-motion animation that compels you, pulls you in, then teases you by being fucken nuts. Sweet massacres. Ending was random as hell. Thanks for making this.

Default Avatar XVW_BC

Lol, wut. I don’t even know... Rabbits and pretty twisted creativity RE: what rabbits get up to on display here in pretty damn sweet animation. I really liked the sound effects, which sort of sounded like your entire crew watching the rough cut and making whatever noise for what fitted. at the end of the day though, I felt pretty whatever following viewing this film.

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