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There was some very nice stuff in here, though the genre didn't really follow through for me. This came across more as a shock ending instead of a mistaken identity, unless you say they were mistaken about their own identity. When you showed Morgan Foster with the rubicks cube which started glowing I was wondering if they actually were who they claimed to be, and this was going to go along the sci-fi route. The ending was to familiar for me, possibly because I have been talking about Shutter Island a lot recently. Though I was expecting the nurse giving the tour, to be the patient, especially when she said she was just new here. I loved the comedic moments

Beautifully shot, well acted and some great concepts here guys, loved the idea of a pregnant guy and his ball, and knowing about the animated segments of the syringe doesn't make it any less scary.

Thought the film looked really good and the editing in parts really added to the slightly creepy tone. The acting from the patients and the nurse was well done also. I too was thinking shutter island as we moved further into the story so i did pick the ending but i did think that you captured the tone of the genre really well

The ending felt far to brief, compared to the rest of the film, which was drawn out. Everything else was awesome (including the guy giving birth)

Default Avatar ashleeadams

The cinematography in this short was nothing short of stunning, I really enjoyed the visual aspect of the film. Great acting too!

Really nicely shot and edited, with some subtle effects that blend well with the onscreen action. The acting was wonderfully natural, for such an odd situation, well done to the actors. The dude giving birth was fun. Great film!

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