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On Time

by Barbecue Everything 207 views


This was our first attempt at the comp. Solid idea, solid script, solid execution. Great to hear the audience reaction at the final scene.

Yeah I'm biased on this one but I'm still very proud of our effort.

Some nice development of characters and mood. I enjoyed the characterizations in this movie. However, the whole film was in the one location which I found boring to watch. Great use of the ball in relation to the character's stress and huge poignancy at the end with the poor bride stranded at the courthouse. Well Done!

Default Avatar Ben Hansen

Brilliant for a first shot at the film festival! This was consistently good in all aspects, and I'm looking forward to see what you produce in future years.

Some decent acting from some of the cast (Polly was a little stiff, however... ;) ) helped to carry this piece along to its beautifully framed conclusion, which was well met by the audience. I kept thinking to myself as I was watching that some tension-building music might have helped to amp up the anticipation. Good effort!

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