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by Astro Studios 153 views


Some great cinematography here and some solid performances, but the concept of Time Travel wasn't clearly explained, or the reasons behind it, and the sound was a touch out of synch in places, which got a bit hard to watch after the third tape removal.

An interesting take on the time travel theme. Great variety of film shots on a single subject but ultimately too much repetition and kind of boring.

Default Avatar Ben Hansen

The concept left something to be desired - I don't think the idea of him being stuck in the infinite loop of torture (did I get that right?) was quite as shocking or scary as intended. Technically brilliant though, the great cinematography meant this film was one of the most professional-looking films in the heat.

Very nicely shot with well chosen lighting and colouring. Perhaps a little too much on the close ups, maybe a little more variation may have maintained interest?

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