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Default Avatar Nic Bathgate

Bold choice to tackle a musical rendition of the mistaken identity genre. This team clearly planned to do a musical regardless of the genre they received and for good reason, your musical dialogue was well written and executed, and your music well composed. The story of a bar manager who mistakes a young singer for his love interest however was less than believable. This was mainly due to the somewhat lacking production value of the film. A few years ago this level of production value would pass as average, but comparing 'Ella' to most of the other films in this heat the contrast is stark. The odd framing of shots often felt quite unintentional and lighting was often inadequate for the setting especially in the club scenes and at night on the street. If you lack lighting gear (like my team!) I suggest writing a story that you can shoot in daylight :). There were also unintentional jump cuts, and even fades and wipe transitions in the edit, the likes of which haven't been seen since Star Wars ;). Lastly I found the resolution of the story to be quite disappointing, the owner realised that he had mistaken Ella's identity and she kind of just wandered out onto the street and walked off! Good effort guys, keep making films! :)

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