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Sibling Rivalry

by Partially inconvenien 106 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

An old home movie shows us the origins of a sibling rivalry. Fast-forward to the present day and they're still at it, only now, the younger brother has had enough. This was essentially a massive chase movie, that had some pretty good action sequences - most notably on jet skis. The film looked pretty good, apart from a few focusing issues, was well acted by the two leads and we were nicely deceived by the ending. The audio was a bit mixed at times and the ADRing obviously proved challenging. I also thought that some of the transitions slowed the film down too much. Overall, a good idea for this genre that many younger siblings in the audience could relate to.

This made me quite jealous when I saw they were at laser strike. Strong acting performances from the younger sibling. The chase got a bit tiring, however and after the jet-ski sequence I felt a bit unsatisfied at the end. Worth waiting for the post-credit moment, which summed up the plot.

Some of what I enjoyed: Loved the intro. One of my favorites. Pretty amazing that Laser Strike let you film inside the venue let alone run around with their gear and potentially get it wet on the jet skis. Looks like you guys probably had a ton of fun making this.

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