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Rising Tide

by Just a Good Bunch of Guys 3,811 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

DQ - Late It’s the 1970s (or 80s) and Jimmy Delta and Morgan Foster are two hot-shot detectives. Jimmy is out to get revenge for a lower, lower back injury suffered at the hands of Crazy Tracy Tracy; the head of the Neon Panthers gang. Over a cup of tea, they recount their respective versions of how everything went down. With Rising Tide, JAGBOG make a return to their low-brow comedic roots. The film has strength in some of the performances, (Mumbling Marvin I loved – “That’s my knees, man”) the general visuals and some nicely edited sequences. However, I found that very quickly the whole thing lost momentum. The “truth and lies” retellings whilst entertaining, are dragged down by the office cut scenes connecting them. As a result, the use of the character trait becomes a bit tiresome and really, there’s very little story here. I’m sure that the audience will love this film at the screenings though. There’s enough entertainment, silliness and touches of subtle humour to make it well worth a watch.

Going to dinner with my elderly aunty - who has dementia but was a gourmet chef - reminds me of Team JAGBOG: I never know what will be served up, but am always delighted. They nailed the characteristic of Morgan Foster and left the audience with a nasty taste in their mouths. Great locations, nice visual humour, a real tour-de-force of rabid insensitivity and gratuitous violence. And also slightly weird. Loved the homage to 2011's character Bobby Young.

Some of what I enjoyed: The voice over was so rich. Awesome recording. Loved the color effects on the title. Working out on the beach was amazing. Loved the fumbling out of the car and the brutal beating. lol @ "That's my knees, man" Great acting by the two leading lads. Very well-shot. Awesome BBQ flyer. Y'all got some design chops. Loved all the zoom/cut editing sequences, especially towards the end. Such a shame that it went in late. Gutted for you guys. :-(

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