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DQ = Lateness This short film focuses on political intrigue and the vagaries of loyalty and tenacity. Morgan Foster is leader of the opposition and a politician on the way up. Brian Clemens is Prime Minister of the day, and in for the fight of his life. Who is this mystery woman and what can be done to take her down a peg or two? Ambitious flunky Quentin has an idea that some forgotten footage might turn up, and the PM doesn't want to know any more than necessary. There is some excellent acting and moments of pathos and true joy to be enjoyed, thanks to the actors from Riccarton Players. This film rushes toward the end but does tell a story (and a story within a story). The editing is sharp although the continuity slips a little from time to time - especially if you are watching for it. Camera work is very good, more needed to be done on normalising the sound and correcting chroma. However I think Repute is the best movie we've ever submitted in this competition and I'm proud of the effort of the (mostly) amateur cast and crew - only 5 of 20 had past experience in 48 Hours.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

LabourForce politician, Morgan Foster is a serious threat to Nationwide Prime Minister, Brian Clemens. The embattled PM decides to uses his resources to find some dirt on his rival. The visuals and sound were pretty good in this short, and the set-pieces (news report, montage and Little Rock recreation) were well-planned and executed. I thought the line was used really well and there was obvious strength in the acting talents. I thought the story was a bit too dialogue driven and I would have liked more to happen visually. It was a throw-back to "Yes Minister" in many respects. Shame about the DQ as the film seemed popular with the audience. Nice work!

Some of what I enjoyed: Great bit with the news caster exposing Morgan. Loved the USA vignette and the American accent. So good and so hilarious to me, as an American. Great acting by the Prime Minister.

You had very generic story being told here, I am glad you twisted the story towards the end. A difficult genre but you made it your own. Great production work. Dialogue seamed to flow realtivley well, the use of the line was well intergrated. The story was a little too generic and unfortunatly you did not have me hooked.

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