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Pretty Boy

by Paranoid Celluloid 228 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

[DQ'd - LATE] When a drunk man accidently dies in a cemetery, Death sets him three tasks to complete by midnight, or it's off to Hell. This was a pretty madcap experience that got plenty of laughs from the audience. The acting from the lead was really committed and he had a number of challenges to get through, from some painful dialogue to most notably getting hit in the nuts several times (I'm sure the first one was real!). On the downside, the audio was a bit mixed and there were some grainy night shots at times. The real stand-out scene in this film was when Death turned up. Not only was the actor superb, the visuals, sound and editing worked really well together to create a memorable sequence. Funny, brave and appreciated by the audience. Well done!

A funny misadventure about a recluse who dies and must earn his life back by completing a series of tasks in 48 hours. Some awkward moments as the ball kicking sequence appears to hit harder than expected so they go with it. I liked Death's voice, but the actual moment of death and dialogue around the banana could have been more convincing.

Good effort by the lead actor. Death was a convincing character and the vocal effect worked well. Lots of good concepts so hopefully next year you can take those ideas and pull them off just a bit more tightly.

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