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Good effort, saw the potential, little rough on the edges.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A pathologist is found dead in a hospital and it looks like the work of a serial killer. Nicely filmed, good use of the line, nice blood and effects. It was also pretty well acted, the highlight being the awesome looking police officer extra - he was a cross between Jim Broadbent and Bill Murray. More please! The found footage aspect was well-played and overall a creepy little film. Well done!

I like the inclusion of the film within a film in this, and love how real the blood looked! I would try to work on making the story slightly more believable - I think you fell into the trap of trying to make a thirty minute film in 7 minutes.

Some of what I enjoyed: The murder scene was pretty grisly. Nicely done with the practical effects. First use of "selfie" in the movie in the comp. Crazy scene after that… brutal sound effects. Interesting concept: man pretends to die to take revenge on autopsy doctors. One critique: too many V can placements.

Credit where credit is due. You told a story that made sense and you explained the reason for why your charatcer did what he did. The acting, well, its was acting. I cant act, so I cant call it there. Mabey some less stilted dialogue might have helped. Got half the way through and unforunatly I ended up laughing, not sure if thats good or not. Some tighter editing would have helped the pace of the film, and the production design could have made the police station a little more real looking. Thanks though for making me laugh. It was enjoyable in that sense.

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