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Fostering Lies

by Awkward Spark 103 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

Morgan "Max" Foster is the host of a lone survivor reality TV series, in the style of Bear Grylls. However, a TV News show starts to discover the truth behind the show. This short had some nice touches. The performances and humour were good, the TV News reports nicely handled and whoever recorded the audio given the number of challenging outdoor areas deserves a pat on the back. I thought that Max really needed to be looking down the lens of the camera during his solo piece-to-camera scenes rather than at the LCD screen. Also, I was confused why the TV station kept playing his edited TV programme even after they became suspicious of its authenticity. Maybe just me. Popular with the audience and took out 2nd place in the vote. Well done!

Some of what I enjoyed: Great effects with the news intro. Hilarious how you did the meta ("he's filming in Christchurch") thing. The Max character did a fantastic job of selling his character. Great bit at the end with Max going unwound.

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