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Ball Bearing

by Cahoots


Default Avatar MistaTeas

A woman asks mechanic/handyman Morgan if he has seen Dave. Morgan says he hasn't. So where is he then? Cahoots were a 2013 finalist with their quirky film Faulty Goods so I was keen to see what they'd come up with in 2014. "Ball Bearing" looks and sounds really nice. The use of the character trait is well-handled, with an understated performance by the lead. The single location is visually interesting, there are nice transitions between scenes and importantly, this film tells its story without the need to fill the seven minutes.. Dark, mysterious and there's an interesting twist in the tail. Voted 3rd in the Audience vote.

I couldn't really get my bearings and then it was over. I liked the shot of the bus, and the close up of Morgan. The lead did a good job of acting.

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