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Default Avatar MR MKB

Axiom was nicely shot and well acted. I was especially impressed by the girl playing Morgan Foster and her boyfriend, who both delivered believable and genuine performances. The girl in particular really shined in the final scene with her and her Mum, well done guys! Story-wise, it was nice to see a more serious take on the mystery/puzzle genre. I also thought the use of "flashbacks" was very effective. The plot could've been slightly clearer though, as I was a bit confused as to why Morgan was telling such slanderous lies in the first place. I'm sure given the circumstances they were legitimate, but I can't remember hearing a reason. Overall it was a solid short by Gangsta Pirates, and an interesting, serious take on the genre.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

In 2013, the Gangsta Pirates made a very well received converging storyline film. With Axiom, plot wise I got a touch confused. Certainly there was a secret being kept from the daughter and by the end it obviously becomes clear...just not to me! The acting however was very effective, there were some nice shots in the park and the audio was good. I did find it a bit slow in parts and maybe some tighter editing would have helped. Another intriguing film from the Gangsta Pirates and is one that I'll be rewatching to see what I missed!

Default Avatar filmmaker

I thought the Gangsta Pirates film Axiom was made very professionally. The sound was very well done and i loved the flashback scene of the dead body being dragged, it gave me chills! The acting was brilliant! I was very impressed with the standard of it and I can see some of your actors and actresses doing big things in the future. Every year your films improve in the quality and overall it was a very good short film. Your cuts were clean and the music was epic, i would like to congratulate you for such a great job in only 49hours! Perhaps in the future a more light-hearted story line would go down better for the audience, i got a little confused during the beginning as to why Morgan was lying to her friends with such extreme stories but all made sense when Morgans mum confronted her. I thoroughly enjoyed this performance, thanks Gangsta Pirates!

While the acting was somewhat decent from the main actress, the film felt too melodramatic and the story was confused and muddled in what it wanted to say. The story felt like it was rushed out at the last minute and the overall film seemed a bit juvenile in its execution and like high school students trying to put on an adult production with adult themes. I was impressed with the look of the film and thought that was done well though.

Some of what I enjoyed: Great camerawork and beautiful cinematography. Good acting by the young folks. Really cool night scene in the rain with the body. Moving ending. Great work by everyone. I thought for sure it'd be a finalist contender.

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