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Another Day, Another Dance

by No Budget Ninjas 1,637 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

Daryl has Dance Tourette's. In a mockumentary style interview, he reflects on his troubles. Don't let the name fool you; No Budget Ninjas brought the resources of Whitebait Studios to the table in this amusing, well-made short. It was one of the best looking films of the heat, it was funny and the casting was spot on. The lead did a great job in portraying Daryl, and used his long legs with great effect! I did start to get a bit tired of the situation though, as essentially seeing his body react to music was the only thing happening in the film. So, while amusing and appreciated by the audience, there really wasn't much story there of any consequence. Took out the audience vote so nice job. Always good to see a former student of mine involved in a 48 film too.

A really clever twist on the dance film. Although it was a one joke movie it was filmed well with appropriate sound and the various scenarios were entertaining. Well done for coping with the genre.

Default Avatar AnnaBanana

Brilliant and hilarious, was glad to be at the screening of this film. The Mockumentary style worked extremely well, and within that framework the film still managed to have a clear conflict and resolution...(a big twist of a resolution, look out of it!). I laughed the whole way through (as did the rest of the audience) and although the dancing was highly and frustratingly repetitive, I found this a clever move as the repetition meant the audience could feel the frustration of poor old Daryl. I can't think of how to improve it so well done!

Default Avatar film guru

Very good film. good use of the genre witch im think might had not been your first pick

Default Avatar Kawiti Naitoro

Probably the best intro of the entire Christchurch screenings in my opinion. I thought you guys did really well with your genre. I'm expecting this one at the city finals!

Brilliant on so many different levels. You guys have some serious chops, from every angle. Acting, editing, effects, camerawork… all great. Hilarious concept and some amazing writing. The lead gave an absolutely brilliant performance. Well done. One of my favorites of the comp.

Super Market Shopping Dance Scene Was Crack up, awesome film. Production verging on too slick for my 48 hours taste, otherwise loved it.

Boys, your film hit the mark for me. You had a charater we could feel and relate to, and he had some character development. Im also glad you didnt show the convict/doctor in the interests of telling a short story. I completly understood your into too being that I would do excatly the same thing if we recieved Musical/Dance. Great job.

Default Avatar hl

really enjoyed this new take on the Dance genre. made me giggle. the lead actor is interesting to watch. I guess my only small critique is why didnt he invest in earplugs? :)

Default Avatar film guru

Its a new take on a dance film and i think it worked well. All the dancing scenes was great and i think this deserves number1 on leaderboard

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