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A Prank Too Far

by Black Banner Media 618 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

After falling victim to an April Fools' Day prank from his flat-mate, Morgan plots revenge, drawing up a list of his own devilish pranks. However, he doesn't find it as straight forward as he planned. In 2013, Black Banner (formerly Mockingbird Productions) were DQ'd for being 2 seconds over the 7 minutes in their film "Exam". It was a great shame as it was potentially finals bound. In the wash up, it was their credits that were too long, so they kicked their credit designer to Wellington, changed their name and got back in the game! "A Prank too Far" is another example of their talent in taking a simple idea and executing well through nicely timed humour, careful shot selection and believable acting from an appropriately chosen young cast. The pranks were well set up, the music worked and it's always nice to see a joke made at the City Manager's expense. Some of the night shots were a bit grainy (any available light would have helped) and there were a few audio issues in some scenes. It had a slight "I've seen this before" feeling to the story but luckily, just as I began to think it was going to go on too long, they cleverly wrapped things up. The audience loved it, voting it No. 1. Awesome job, Black Banner.

Default Avatar takingblue

Certainly one of the best films for the heat. Simple humour that did just the trick without trying too hard. The two male leads were excellent, great use of subtle expression with a distinctly kiwi feel. Nice ending too, not original, but the sort of predictable ending that the audience wanted. great job guys

Some of what I enjoyed: Great animated team intro. Very cool. I thought the portion of poison was hilariously huge. The pranks were great. Great shot of the dude squeezing the ball and glaring at the wall. Cool shot of opening the toolbox. I did a prank war for the very first 48hours competition I entered (in the USA, in 2007) so it was fun to see someone else do a take on it. Very fun film.

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