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The End is Nigh

by Digital Alchemist 234 views


Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

An awesome, if somewhat terrifying, team intro started the night off. The end of the world is coming, which a guy is reading about in a book written by Morgan Foster (which I thought was a great use of the character), and he buys a Lotto ticket - which wins so he and his flatmate celebrate. I thought this was a good film and was very enjoyable. Started the heat off well.

Default Avatar auckfilmbuff

This was a good, funny film. The ending was hilarious, was not expecting that

Default Avatar Foxy

A snappy intro and some strong character acting. I was really following the story but then it just ended! I would have loved to have seen more!

Default Avatar annemarie

I really enjoyed this film! It was short and to the point. It was well shot and had two great actors.

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