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Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

Love these guys! (even if they do change their name every year which makes it hard to track) A woman lives in a stunning house with her 'special friend' Steve.She makes a wish during their anniversary and it has some unexpected consequences. (That's about as much as I can say without giving it away too much) Really enjoyed this film, it was well shot, nicely acted and looked great. The story was easy to follow, very amusing and I think it's not out of the realms of possibility for this team to make another AK final but I have only seen our heat this year so I'm not sure how strong the other heats have been. Overall a great film and I'd be surprised if it didn't win audience favourite at least.

Default Avatar auckfilmbuff

This was a great film. I loved the story and the way it went from the fantasy of pillow boy to the homeless guy next door actually hopping in your bed. Great acting too, not OTT!

Default Avatar Foxy

One of my top three films of the night. Cool little story- nice twists and turns throughout, not just at the end. Nice moments (ie when Morgan leaves and he tries to take the wine with him. Simple but effective template with the pillow first then "Steve". Actually quite deep too, as it subtly challenges our expectations and preconceived ideas that we have in life. I liked the moment at the end when she "releases" Steve. Well done.

Loved this film. Great story, well-crafted and strong performances. I really wish these guys would stick to a team name! They are difficult to keep an eye on, but always deliver. A good chance at making the Grand Final. Great job

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